Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush

According to most experts, parents should brush their children’s teeth until they reach the age of seven. After that, the child should have developed the skill and the habits it takes to effectively brush his or her own teeth. But how do you make sure that your child is ready when it becomes time for him/her to take charge of his/her own dental health? You start by instilling in him the importance of proper brushing techniques early. Here are five tips that can help make teeth brushing both more effective and more enjoyable for any child.

  • Set the example: If your child sees that you are serious about your dental hygiene they too will see it as important. The more they see you brushing your teeth the more likely they are to want to imitate you and to develop this habit themselves.
  • Start early: As we said, most experts believe that you should brush your child’s teeth until he/she reaches the age of seven. However, in that time your child should begin to get a sense of how, when and how often he/she should brush his/her teeth.teeth brushing
  • Personalize their brushing experience: According to The American Dental Association (ADA), children can be encouraged to brush when they are provided with their own toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. When your child is old enough, let her choose these items herself.
  • Make it fun: Make brushing seem like more of a fun activity than a chore and your child will indulge himself by following their natural desire to be entertained. Consider purchasing one of the many coloring books, toys and other items that are centered around encouraging your child to brush and on educating him about dental hygiene.
  • Brush your teeth with them: Even when your child learns how to brush her teeth on her own, make it a bonding experience. By doing this you can show him/her proper technique and get closer to her at the same time.
  • Develop a rewards system: Use stickers, non-candy treats, etc., as added incentives for your child to brush his teeth. This way you will make brushing seem like a fun activity rather than a burden.

In short, the key to lifelong dental health is by instilling in children early they need to brush their teeth. Along with that, they must learn the proper techniques of brushing as well as the consequences of not caring for one’s teeth. Using our affordable dental plans you can reach professional Ameriplan providers who can give you even more tips on how to develop this habit in your children.

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