Tips for How Dentists can Improve Patient Experience

Patients have innumerable choices of which dental provider to see. Our site alone gives patients access to hundreds of providers from all over the country. These providers accept our low income dental plans and are experts in many different fields of dentistry. However, because patients have so many choices, it is essential for dentists to be ambassadors for the profession. Patients who feel that they are being neglected can easily change providers and can form a negative opinion of the profession in general. Here are some tips for improving customer service for your practice and for retaining patients.


  • Listen to your patients: Listening to your patients’ concerns and addressing their questions is a way to demonstrate that your practice values them as individuals. Moreover, many patients endeavor to be a part of their treatment.
  • Increase Community Presence: Put your practice’s best foot forward by participating in local events.
  • Be patient: Stay calm and reassuring at all times when dealing with patients even those who are impatient or out of control. Many times people act in anger when they are afraid. Remaining patient will bring home the message to your patient that you value their business.
  • Keep your appointments: Effective time management goes a long way in solving one of the biggest complaints that patients have – they were kept waitin"dental plans"g too long.
  • Be especially welcoming of new patients: There is an old saying that goes “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” Be sure to prepare your entire staff for the arrival of new patients.
  • Be honest: Make sure that your patients have realistic expectations concerning the course of their treatment.


In the end, improved customer service is good for business, makes your work easier and lets the patient know that he/she is valued. Ameriplan provides patients with a network of providers who understand and value patients and who understand that poor service reflects on the profession in general.

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