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5 Dental Hygiene Tips for Seniors

Decades ago, the American Dental Association ran an ad campaign whose message was that the complete loss of all one’s teeth does not have to be an inevitable feature of growing old. It suggested that a lifetime of proper oral … Continue reading

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Dentophobia: Tips for Conquering your Fear of Dentists

Of all the fears that people have in life the fear of going to the dentist is probably among the most common. It is also among the most important fears that must at some point be conquered. The good news … Continue reading

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Summer Fruits and Your Teeth

Summer has finally arrived and brought with it a plethora of fruits that are just now coming into season.  This includes fruits such as apricots, blackberries, limes, grapefruit, strawberries, etc.  But what many people don’t realize is that although not … Continue reading

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Tips for better oral health as you grow older

As we grow older, it becomes even more critical to take good care of your oral health. While some people may believe that losing your teeth is inevitable as you age, this isn’t true. If you care for your teeth … Continue reading

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Fighting Bad Breath

When it comes to personal oral hygiene, many people focus primarily on their teeth. While brushing is a crucial step to keeping a healthy smile, brushing alone will not remove all the harmful bacteria in the mouth. Improper care for … Continue reading

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Beyond the Brush: Reading Between the Teeth

We’ve all heard it a million times before; brushing is only half the battle. Our dentists have been telling us our entire lives that flossing is just as important as brushing, but somehow so many of us think it’s OK to simply … Continue reading

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The Connection between Your Oral Health and General Health.

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your mouth is the window to the general health of your entire body. A dentist can tell if you are suffering from any nutritional deficiencies, or if you have any … Continue reading

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Don’t Ignore Your Oral Health

Many people don’t think they need to see a dentist, that is, until they’re experiencing tooth pain. Once you’ve reached the point where your tooth is throbbing in pain, there’s not much you can do to relieve the pressure on … Continue reading

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