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The Affordable care Act and AmeriPlan Discount Healthcare programs:

The new Affordable care act Healthcare law is designed to give consumers more control over their healthcare by offering new ways to shop, compare and purchase health insurance. To learn more visit www.healthcare.gov But if you cannot: Afford the new … Continue reading

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How to Reduce Your Hospital Bill With AmeriPlan.

This year, one in five Americans is struggling to pay their medical bills. Medical bills are the leading reason why people need to file for bankruptcy, a last resort for those who have emptied their savings and retirement accounts, maxed … Continue reading

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How to Find good affordable discount health plans.

If it feels as though most of your paycheck is being eaten up by your health insurance premiums and other healthcare costs, you’re probably right. During the past 10 years, the cost of family health care coverage rose more than … Continue reading

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Finding affordable chiropractic and vision care with no health insurance.

If you’re suffering from aching back pain, you’re not alone. At least four out of five people in their lifetime will suffer from some sort of back pain. Often the pain may start as a twinge and then radiate through … Continue reading

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AmeriDoc: Access to a physician is only a phone call away.

We’ve all been there. You’re sick, feeling miserable and are beginning to worry whether you should be seeing a doctor, rather than lying home in bed. The problem is, you don’t have health insurance coverage and would need to pay … Continue reading

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Read a couple of AmeriPlan Testimonials!

Just wanted to share these awesome AmeriPlan testimonials about our AmeriPlan Healthcare program, that includes the Hospital advocacy program for only $49.95 per month Thanks to AmeriPlan! I was able to cover my mom on my AmeriPlan Healthcare plan, when … Continue reading

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A variety of discount dental plans are available at the best dental clinics!

There are some brilliant dental programs available from a variety of dental resources. Many people provide positive feedback about them, and then return to them for further treatment. However, if you’re looking out for a specific kind of service or … Continue reading

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Find out more about Ameriplan discount dental plans!

  For   more   than  twenty  years  our Ameriplan Discount dental plans  have been saving  our customers huge amounts of money. We have a large network of Ameriplan providers with over 30,000 dentists   to choose from providing our members a satisfying … Continue reading

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FamilyDentalHealthplans.com The Destination for Discount dental plans Packages

November 26, 2012 FamilyDentalHealthplans.com offers an easy-to-use website for our dental plans and discount health plans. Each one of our plans has been designed by keeping different health care requirements in mind. The name, AmeriPlan, was started twenty years ago … Continue reading

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  DENTAL TIDBIT 73% of Americans think an unattractive smile can hurt their Career;  53% of Americans do not like their own smile BY a survey conducted by the academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Insurance typically does not cover cosmetic dentistry, but … Continue reading

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