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Keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy, with our affordable plans!

Your dental health care is a vital component of your health, Ameriplan helps you access our discount dental plans while minimizing the impact of unexpected expenses. Whether you are a senior settling into retirement, a student fresh out of college, … Continue reading

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What to do when your knees pop

Do your knees make popping or grinding noises when you bend or squat? Knee pain and those popping, clicking or grinding sounds within the joint are common problems for many people, but they can be attributed to several different reasons. … Continue reading

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How to Find Medical Discounts

If you are forced to pay out-of-pocket for every medical bill because you don’t have health or dental insurance, you may not realize you have the ability to negotiate the price. There is usually room to negotiate with all medical … Continue reading

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Tips from AmeriPlan on Preventing Colds and the Flu.

It’s that time of year again – the cold and flu season. The peak of the cold and flu season is approaching, and it usually falls in January or February. Here are some AmeriPlan tips to keep those cumbersome germs … Continue reading

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How People with Diabetes benefit from Discount Healthcare Plans.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you’re not alone. Twenty-six million Americans, including both children and adults, are living each day with diabetes. Another 1.9 million adults will find out each year that they have diabetes, according to the … Continue reading

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Coping with Depression during the Holidays

The holidays can be a particularly difficult time if you’ve recently lost a loved one or if you are feeling sad and lonely while everyone around you seems to be enjoying the festive season. Sadness during the holidays, sometimes called … Continue reading

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Avoiding Stress during the Holidays.

Shoppers on Black Friday may enjoy the thrill of the hunt for the perfect holiday bargains, a kickoff to the gift-giving season, but for many people, the holidays are a stressful time. Here are some survival strategies on how to … Continue reading

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Avoiding Weight Gain during the holidays.

For many Americans, Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks while overindulging in turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, along with all the traditional holiday meal favorites we’ve grown to love since childhood. Don’t use the holiday as an excuse to … Continue reading

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Staying Healthy during the Holidays, Tip’s from AmeriPlan.

The holiday season has arrived, a time of celebration with food, family and friends. But the holidays also can become a challenging time for both our emotional and physical health. Here are some tips from AmeriPlan on how to stay … Continue reading

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Separating Fact from Fiction!

Frequently asked questions about discount dental and health plans. What are discount dental health plans? Discount dental plans and discount health plans enable consumers to purchase healthcare products and services at discounted rates. you must go to a specialist who … Continue reading

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