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Dentophobia: Tips for Conquering your Fear of Dentists

Of all the fears that people have in life the fear of going to the dentist is probably among the most common. It is also among the most important fears that must at some point be conquered. The good news … Continue reading

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Tips for How Dentists can Improve Patient Experience

Patients have innumerable choices of which dental provider to see. Our site alone gives patients access to hundreds of providers from all over the country. These providers accept our low income dental plans and are experts in many different fields … Continue reading

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Brief explanation of Ameriplan Hospital Advocacy Program.

Ameriplan Hospital Advocacy Program When hospitalized and the anticipated charges exceed $2,500 an advocate will be assigned to you. An advocate will negotiate the best discount on the hospital bill and work out a payment plan on the balance. Depending … Continue reading

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How healthy are your gums?

Taking care of your gums is a critical part of maintaining proper oral health, but we often don’t think about our gums until we start experiencing pain or other tooth problems. When your gums are healthy, they are able to … Continue reading

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Have Fun While Brushing!

Did you know that you’re supposed to brush your teeth for at least two minutes—that’s right, EVERY time! Try using the timer on your phone so you can get used to what two minutes feels like. Or you can try … Continue reading

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