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Brief explanation of our Hospital advocacy program.

When hospitalized and the anticipated charges exceed $2,500 an advocate will be assigned to you. An advocate will negotiate the best discount on the hospital bill and work out a payment plan on the balance. Depending on your financial situation, … Continue reading

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How healthy are your gums?

Taking care of your gums is a critical part of maintaining proper oral health, but we often don’t think about our gums until we start experiencing pain or other tooth problems. When your gums are healthy, they are able to … Continue reading

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Honor America and Your Teeth this Holiday Weekend

The 4th of July is right around the corner and here at Ameriplan we like to let loose and celebrate America as much as the next guy. Delicious BBQ and cold sweet treats are calling all of us out to … Continue reading

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Get Covered!

AmeriPlan Discount Dental & Health Plans offers plans to save you and your family a bundle on your next trip to the doctors! We have provided our clients flexible and affordable dental and health plans for over 20 years! Our … Continue reading

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How to Afford Cosmetic Dentistry without Dental Insurance.

A smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet someone new. This is why cosmetic dentistry has become a booming business; many people have made the decision as adults to improve their smiles. Now is the … Continue reading

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Enroll with AmeriPlan and save on your dental care!

AmeriPlan simplifies access to their various discount dental plans. For those who have been looking for an easy and instant alternative to dental insurance, AmeriPlan has come up with an excellent option, keeping in mind various individual and family-specific dental … Continue reading

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AmeriPlan Offers Discount Dental Plans For the Entire Family!

AmeriPlan now offering Discount Dental Plans for your entire family at an affordable price. Choosing a discount dental plan is a very wise step that will help you in keeping you and your family’s dental health in great condition without … Continue reading

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Read About AmeriPlan discount dental plans

AmeriPlan is an ideal way to know everything about different AmeriPlan discount dental plans. The AmeriPlan website features all the information needed to make a decision regarding different dental and health care plans offered by AmeriPlan USA Corporation, known as … Continue reading

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