How to Choose the Right Dentist for You

Choosing a dentist is more complicated than simply choosing a health care provider at random. After all, you are entering into a long term relationship with someone who will play a significant role in you and your family’s dental health and well being. That is why even though we at Family Dental Health Plans can easily give you access to an extensive network of dental care providers through our website, it is up to you to choose the right specialist for your individual needs and circumstances. So how do you choose the right dental care provider for you and your family? Here are some considerations you may find useful in making this very important decision."dental plans"


  • Make sure they are convenient: Does he/she have convenient office hours? Is the office easy to get to from work or home? Does the dentist participate in your health plan? Is he/she flexible in the way he/she handles missed appointments and emergencies. Knowing these details can save you a lot of time and inconvenience.
  • Consider your unique needs: Each person’s dental needs are unique. Choose a professional whose specialty suits your situation. For example, a person suffering from gum disease or who needs dental implants or adult orthodontia should seek out specialists who practice in those fields.
  • Make sure they are American Dental Association (ADA) members: Members of the ADA abide by a code of ethics and professional conduct that is designed to ensure patient care and privacy.
  • Take a look around the office: After you’ve decided on a professional to use take a look around his/her office. Ask yourself if the office is comfortable. Check to see if the dentist and staff are neat and orderly. By making sure that the dentist and his staff are friendly and welcoming, you will ensure that your visits will be pleasant as well as productive.
  • Read online dentist reviews: Use the Internet to check out information about the practice’s staff, reviews, qualifications, etc.

In short, our low income dental plans come with providers that you can choose by location, specialty, etc., but the decision on which provider to use can be trickier than it seems. Just remember that this relationship that you are entering into is an important one and that simply because you are using one of our affordable dental plans does not mean that you have to settle for less.

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