Dentures: Important Facts that You Should Know

It isn’t really a stretch to assume that most people would like to ward off dentures in their lifetime. While our cheap dental plan will go a long way to help you avoid having to resort to the dreaded fake teeth situation, there is definitely some other information you should be armed with too. Follow some simple guidelines now and you can avoid dentures all together. If you start to notice the warning signs, be sure to utilize your discount dental plan and see a dentist right away.

Avoid Dentures"cheap dental plan"

Don’t skip your dentist visits: When you’ve had great checkup after great checkup and your teeth are feeling fine, it’s easy to think that those twice a year visits to the dentist office are overkill. But do not—I repeat, DO NOT—stop going in for your semi-annual checkups and cleanings. Often times dental issues start off so small you won’t even notice them on your own; and when the problems are that small they are easier to correct without resorting to full or partial dentures.

Brush and floss on the regular: We’ve preached this a million times before, but avoiding dentures is yet another reason on the long list of reasons as to why you should be brushing and flossing daily. You should brush at least twice a day—once after breakfast, once after dinner—and floss at least once a day.

A healthy diet goes a long way: The best thing you can do for your teeth is to avoid sugary candies (hard candies especially), other sweets, starches and refined carbohydrates. The nicer you are to your teeth, the stronger they’ll be and the longer they’ll last.

Warning Signs

Red, swollen or tender gums: These classic symptoms of gum inflammation can mean that gingivitis and/or gum disease is on the horizon. Gum disease is the cause of approximately 70% of adult tooth loss, but if you act quickly you’ll have plenty of time to treat the problem before dentures become inevitable.

Recurring tooth aches: Severe pain, especially if it’s recurring, can be a sign that tooth decay is progressing and attacking the nerve in the center of your tooth. But fret not! When caught early enough, tooth decay can be treated with a simple filling.

Indigestion (believe it or not): We know, this one seems weird, but hear us out… When you have recurring stomachaches and/or indigestion there are a number of things that could be causing it, but your teeth are on the list of potential culprits. If you cannot chew properly you may end up swallowing bigger pieces of food which is hard on your stomach; and when you can’t chew properly that can be a big, flashing sign that you have some serious dental issues going on.


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