Dentophobia: Tips for Conquering your Fear of Dentists

Of all the fears that people have in life the fear of going to the dentist is probably among the most common. It is also among the most important fears that must at some point be conquered. The good news is that every dentist recognizes the apprehension and outright fear that many people have when it comes to visiting them and will work with their patients to help them overcome this phobia. Here are some other tools that may help make your trip to the dentist more comfortable.


  • Find the right dentist: When you are seeking out a dentist, observe his/her manner, how he/she interacts with his/her staff, etc. Finding a dentist that you are personally comfortable with can go a long way towards helping a person conquer his/her fear of dentists.
  • Go with someone you know and trust: Jack Bynes, DMD of Coventry, Connecticut suggests that you have someone who is not afraid of dentists sit with you during your procedure.
  • Ask if sedatives are appropriate/available: Sedatives can be used to calm dentistpatients during certain procedures ranging from local anesthetic, nitrous oxide, and oral or IV sedation. In fact, many dentists advertise themselves as having pain-free practices for just this reason.
  • Use relaxation techniques: Use techniques such as controlled breathing, visualization, mindfulness medication etc., when you feel yourself becoming stressed.
  • Take care of your teeth: Apart from all the scary instruments that dentists are perceived of as having, the other reason people fear visiting the dentist is that they are afraid of what he/she may find wrong. By following a rigid oral hygiene program designed to maintain your dental health, you will be helping to eliminate that worry.


Dentists get it. Sitting in a chair waiting to be poked, jabbed and prodded with all manner of dental tools can be scary. That’s why according to some estimates 20% of all Americans are anxious about seeing the dentist to the point that they will only seek dental treatment when absolutely necessary. However, the best way to manage this fear is to confront it using one of the above methods. Our low income dental plans can help by giving you access to Ameriplan providers who understand how you feel. Take the time to choose a provider and a plan wisely and you will be on your way to conquering this all too common phobia.

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