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Proper Dental Office Etiquette

As Ameriplan providers our dental discount plans encompass a wide selection of professionals who are qualified and, thanks to our plans, affordable. Ideally, a trip to the dentist involves a great deal of reciprocity on the part of both the … Continue reading

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Enjoy the Sunshine As Well As A Beautiful Smile

Summer is right around the corner and you may not know this, but that means your oral health could be at risk. With more free time on your hands and a much more carefree outlook on life, you could be … Continue reading

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Get Covered!

AmeriPlan Discount Dental & Health Plans offers plans to save you and your family a bundle on your next trip to the doctors! We have provided our clients flexible and affordable dental and health plans for over 20 years! Our … Continue reading

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A Brief consumer guide to health law court decision.

On Tuesday two U.S. appeals courts issued conflicting rulings on a subject that’s important to millions of people: the availability of subsidies to help purchase coverage under the health-care law. KHN’s Mary Agnes Carey answers some frequently asked questions about … Continue reading

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discount programs that are available through AmeriPlan. watch our youtube video here.

These plans are also the perfect way to safeguard the dental health of your family members. The affordable and quality dental care can go a long way in maintaining the dental health of you and your family at an affordable … Continue reading

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The Importance of a Healthy Smile for Today’s Seniors.

Decades ago, it was naturally assumed that as we grow older, we would lose our teeth by the time we became senior citizens. But this is no longer the case for today’s active, healthy seniors, who are retaining their natural, … Continue reading

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November is National Diabetes Month

If you’re not one of the more than 25 million Americans who are living with diabetes, you could be one of the more than 79 million Americans who are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes but may not know … Continue reading

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Separating Fact from Fiction!

Frequently asked questions about discount dental and health plans. What are discount dental health plans? Discount dental plans and discount health plans enable consumers to purchase healthcare products and services at discounted rates. you must go to a specialist who … Continue reading

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Thumb Your Nose at the System: Choose AmeriPlan Consumer Driven Healthcare.

The cost of healthcare in America has skyrocketed. In fact between 2000 and 2005, health benefits coverage fees rose a whopping 73 percent (vs. the aggregate increase in worker wages of 15 percent). Leaving many of the self employed and … Continue reading

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The Affordable care Act and AmeriPlan Discount Healthcare programs:

The new Affordable care act Healthcare law is designed to give consumers more control over their healthcare by offering new ways to shop, compare and purchase health insurance. To learn more visit But if you cannot: Afford the new … Continue reading

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