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Discount Dental Plans vs. Dental Insurance: Which is the Best Option?

If you are uninsured, underinsured or have health insurance but not dental coverage, you might understandably be putting off those preventive visits to your dentist, such as routine cleanings and exams. Delaying dental visits does carry risks. By going in … Continue reading

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4 Major Benefits of Discount Dental Plans.

The demand of dental insurance plans declined immediately as the concept of discount dental plans hit the market sometime ago. The latter has surely come as a helping hand to those who need medical and dental treatment but fear the … Continue reading

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Dental Care Made Easy – Thanks to AmeriPlan.

Too Young to Understand Kids simply cannot give up eating candies, lollipops, and starchy foods, and also hate post-meal brushing and flossing. That’s kind of disturbing for parents because kids then usually end up with dental problems. They are likely … Continue reading

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Don’t Ignore Your Oral Health

Many people don’t think they need to see a dentist, that is, until they’re experiencing tooth pain. Once you’ve reached the point where your tooth is throbbing in pain, there’s not much you can do to relieve the pressure on … Continue reading

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Why Opt for Full Coverage Dental Plans with AmeriPlan Dental?

Dentists are commonly accused of leaving a dent in your pocket whenever you opt for some form of dental treatment. For the sake of humor, they dig a hole in your wallet and teeth at the same time. You are … Continue reading

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