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                                                                                    Like us on Face book                                                                                  Follow us on Twitter            FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS AMERIPLAN STILL SAVING OUR FAMILIES! For more than Twenty years AmeriPlan members have been benefiting and saving huge sums of money by … Continue reading

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AmeriPlan® Discount Dental Plans As Low As $14.95 per Month

 Discount Dental Plans As Low As $14.95 per Month Regular dental checkups will allow your dentist to detect any problems such as periodontal disease or other disorders that may be causing you dental pain. Maintaining good oral hygiene, eliminating periodontal … Continue reading

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Dental Insurance & DMO’S vs AmeriPlan Discount Dental Plans

  Discount dental plans are an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to dental insurance, and offer AmeriPlan members significant savings on most dental procedures. AmeriPlan Dental, has quickly become an attractive alternative to costly dental insurance. Traditional dental insurance, once the … Continue reading

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Healthcare in America It’s About Much More Than $$$

  “Americans are playing by the rules, they’re working, they’re waking up every morning to go to their jobs and they have no health security. . . .” That statement was Kathleen Stoll’s, director of health policy for the consumer … Continue reading

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Anyone Can See the Dentist Now: AmeriPlan Consumer Driven Discount Dental Plans.

How long has it been since you’ve been to a dentist? If you aren’t going at least once a year (as is recommended), why aren’t you? You may be surprised to learn that more people avoid the dentist for fear … Continue reading

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