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AmeriPlan USA Family Dental, Health, Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic Care

In addition to Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic Benefits, AmeriPlan ® now gives you the option to extend the standard benefits program to include AmeriPlan Health ®, a fee-for-service Health Benefits Program that puts money back in your pocket. With … Continue reading

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Pediatric Dentistry and Child Care

By Jim Martinez A pediatric dentist has an extra two years of specialized training and is dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the teenage years. The very young, preteens, and teenagers all need different approaches in … Continue reading

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  DISCOUNT HEALTH PLANS FOR AMERICANS PART I Is Consumer Driven Health the Answer? Lewis Gregory suffered a heart attack two years ago that left the family mired in debt.  “We have absolutely no way to even dream of paying … Continue reading

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How will you afford to keep your family Healthy!

  Stop spending a fortune & save on your families medical care… AmeriPlan is the Answer for Self-Employed, Single Moms! As a child, she was taken to the dentist as often as possible – in terms of ability to pay … Continue reading

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Dental Health and Bad Breath

By Jim Martinez Poor dental hygiene and periodontal disease can be a source of bad breath. If you don’t brush and floss daily, food particles remain in your mouth, collecting bacteria and emitting hydrogen sulfur vapors. A colorless, sticky film … Continue reading

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